Our Girls

             Thunderhead's Tornado Allie
                                    NA 112 Prize I
                                 Utility 201 Prize 1
                                   OFA Excellent

Allie is what we refer to as our "Firecracker".  She has been an extremely intense girl since the day she arrived in our home.  She covers ground in a graceful, breathtaking manner.  She honors all other dogs with the same amazing intensity that she points her own birds with.  She is also a duck search machine.  Very rarely does a duck escape her clutches.  Grace, beauty and intensity coupled with a superior nose, incredible pointing instinct and fantastic attitude make her a truly exceptional dog.  We feel blessed to have her with us.


            VC Thunderhead's No Fold Greta
                                   NA 110 Prize I
                                      UT 204 Prize I
                                Invitational 194 - PASS
                                Penn Hip L 0.32  R 0.36

Early on Greta was dubbed our pocket rocket.  Weighing in at 45#, don't let her size fool you...what she lacks for in size she more than makes up for in attitude.  She is the most competitive dog I have seen.  Winning is the only option for this little one.  She is intense and stylish in the field and water with all the drive  and independence you will ever need.  She will hunt tirelessly for you from daylight to dark.  She has the run to cover the plains of South Dakota but adjusts well to the thick grouse woods.  She has proven her ability to handle the rigors of training by earning the coveted Versatile Champion title in 2011.


               Showdown's Wizard of Oz
                          NA 110 Prize I

Berit is one of the younger females here at Showdown Kennels.  She comes from a breeding between my VC Greta and Doc Rieser's male Shooting Starr's Crazy Train.  To say we produced what we hoped to produce is an understatement.  She is bold yet cooperative, has an exceptional nose and born with a gift to cover fields and hit objectives.  Her point is intense and confident.  She is the most cooperative girl I have had the priviledge of working with.  She comes loaded with natural retrieve and the same duck search fierceness that her mom does.  She could be our next great one and as she prepares for testing at the UT level in NAVHDA, we see nothing but success ahead of her.

           Garbonita-TCK Desert Willow

Willow is the newest addition to Showdown Kennels.  We were lucky enough to find get her from Garbonita Kennels out of Arizona.  Our hopes were to bring in a girl that was gifted both for field and structurally sound for the showring.  We got what we were looking for.  She is beautiful, sound in structure, has a fantastic nose, covers terrain with an effortless motion and  has the personality to take on anything.  Willow is just in the starting phases of her career and we know she has everything she needs to be a girl that leaves her mark.  She has already seen success in the showring. 

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